‘Dancing with the Stars’ wants Billy Bush for 2017, won’t just let him fade into oblivion

Recently outed wingman to Donald Trump’s sexist behavior and probably fired Today show host Billy Bush should simply bow out of public life at this point. I mean, there’s no coming back from a video clearly showing you being disgusting toward women, right? Actually, it turns out, you can just tango your way back to popularity, and Dancing with the Stars wants Billy Bush in 2017, according to Page Six.

“It comes in March,” an anonymous source told The New York Post section. “That’s far enough away. Everybody goes on to do the apology tour.” They continued, “It’s ironic there is Ryan Lochte on, who he started this controversy with when he started with ‘Today,’” referencing the fact that Bush was heavily criticized for not questioning Lochte’s robbery story.

NBC suspended Bush from the Today show after a tape from his Access Hollywood days was leaked, revealing he played into and encouraged Trump’s description of doing “whatever” he wants to women, including grabbing them “by the pussy.” The video then shows Bush creepily ask an actress to give Trump and “the Bushy” a hug after the two men wrap up their vomit-inducing conversation about her. NBC is reportedly firing the entertainment journalist, so starting a relationship with ABC via Dancing with the Stars couldn’t come at a better time for him.

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(For the record, it looks like Bush can’t dance at all, which is no surprise.)

Dancing with the Stars has taken it upon itself to bring back characters America hates and never wants to see again — with Lochte and Rick Perry this season — but it should really stop at Bush. This guy proved himself to have no morals or understanding of what sexual assault is, so he doesn’t deserve to have his career saved by a reality TV show, which would also force a female dancer to spend extended periods of time with him and let him place his gross hands on her body.

Just let Bush fade out until no one even remembers he was once a regular face on TV.