Sometimes you just need to escape the world in a utopian unicorn cafe

A pretty big fuss has been made about moving to Canada should Republican nominee Donald Trump become groper-in-chief this November, but here’s an idea: why not Thailand instead? In case authentic Thai food weren’t enough of a selling point, Thailand also boasts a real-life unicorn cafe, which we all honestly kind of wish we were sitting in right now.

The Bangkok-based cafe is all rainbows and glitter and My Little Pony plush toys, and you can tell yourself you’re way too old for this, but you’d be lying. I mean, its menu items literally includes rainbow cake, waffles, cotton candy milkshakes, fluffy toast, crepes, insanely pretty and colorful icees, and rainbow spaghetti carbonara. Unicorn Cafe’s Instagram feed will literally convince you to buy a plane ticket to Bangkok, stat.

It’s a cold world, obviously, and just weeks out from Election Day, America is a tough place to be right now. I think we could all use pastel colors and playful chandeliers and glittery frosting and unicorn plush toys to snuggle up to on a cozy sofa, next to a window looking out on the peaceful streets of Bangkok. Dear god, just take us all there.

Here are some pictures of the food options to make you resent your current place in life even more than you already do:

And, hey, let’s not forget the killer decor either:

Imagine snuggling up here. What a time to be alive.

That literally looks like unicorns celebrating a birthday party, and nothing in the world makes me happier than evidence suggesting that unicorns celebrate birthday parties together and that actually happens somewhere in the world.

Seriously, though, would you rather be anywhere else in the world right now?

It’s a unicorn cafe, and even if you lived there, you would literally never get homesick because in addition to all those colorful, pretty desserts, it also serves all the American fast food junk you could dream of.

The only thing more aesthetic than the cafe’s food is its decor, and judging by the image quality of these Instagram posts, the cafe has got some killer lighting, too, for all the Instagram/Snapchat addicts out there. If the premise of spending a day with unicorn plush toys and sparkly crepes isn’t enough for you, surely taking your Insta game to the next level is.

Seriously, though, where is the U.S. version of this place?