Republican woman’s Twitter rant shows how Trump’s tapes are destroying the GOP

There’s no way to skirt around the simple fact that the Republican Party’s view are pretty anti-woman. It pushes legislation that would essentially reduce women to baby-making machines, portrays women’s right to bodily autonomy as murder, routinely votes against equal pay legislation and family leave, and so on and so forth. That being said, there were still plenty of Republican women out there, but in the wake of Trump’s rapey 2005 tapes being leaked, one Republican woman, in an epic Trump Twitter rant, explained why she’s done.

Sure, when it comes to women’s rights issues, Republican women are often just as depressing as Republican men. However, that doesn’t mean Trump’s disturbing misogyny and apparent approval of sexual assault (committed by affluent men like himself, at least) doesn’t hurt and disturb them just as much as it does liberal women or that they deserve to be represented by a sexual predator.

On Monday, in a series of rightfully outraged tweets, Marybeth Glenn unloaded on the many GOP leaders and icons, from House Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus to Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, who have literally called Trump’s words indefensible but continue to stand by him. Her 17-part rant is embedded below, and it’s definitely worth a read.

As a quick refresher, in what has become the most watched video of the whole election season (the election season = the past 1.5 years at this point — depressing, I know), Trump is recorded in 2005 claiming rich men can “do anything” to women, which includes “[grabbing] them by the pussy” whether or not they’ve consented, aka sexually assaulting women.

If you read just one of these 17 tweets, hopefully it was the one above.

Or that one; definitely read that one, too.

Essentially, Glenn argues that as a conservative woman, she’s spent years and years defending and standing up for the likes of Scott Walker and Marco Rubio and other conservative dudes accused of being sexist, because they share her values, and aren’t you supposed to stand up for those who share your values? And yet, now, when conservative women like her are under attack by none other than the party nominee himself, where are the conservative men she’s spent years sticking up for? Nowhere to be found.

Speaker Ryan claimed he was disgusted by the tapes and will no longer campaign for or defend Trump, but that means nothing because by continuing to endorse him, he’s still legitimizing, quietly defending, and, as Glenn pointed out, normalizing Trump’s misogyny. The same could be said of Cruz and Priebus and all other Republican men who continue to endorse Trump despite what’s been said and done, and despite the fact that they claim to be disgusted by it.

“We’ve also dealt with horrific comments from Trump supporters for over a year only to have the people we supported pander to this fringe faction that has no right to be calling themselves conservatives,” Glenn told BuzzFeed News. It’s not just the tapes: he’s run a whole campaign on sexism and Republican leaders like Ryan and Priebus have seemingly turned a blind eye.

Ultimately, Glenn concedes that sure, she’s just one woman calling bullshit on their cowardice and tolerance of Trump’s misogyny, but GOP men’s decision to stand by Trump despite all he’s said and done created a fundamental, insurmountable gender divide within the party. It won’t be long before that rift causes Republican women who are either outraged or understandably frightened and Republican men with some semblance of a human conscience to flee the party, if they haven’t already. Trump has always been a divisive force within his party, but as Glenn points out, as a result of these tapes and some leaders’ decision to still endorse him, he has never been so divisive along gendered lines.

It’s worth noting that men like former presidential candidate and Trump’s favorite pitiful punching bag Jeb Bush, or former presidential nominees Mitt Romney and John McCain, have vocally condemned Trump in response to the tapes. McCain, who once endorsed Trump, went so far as to revoke his endorsement. However, predictably enough, their statements oozed with paternalism as they referred to women as their “daughters,” “granddaughters,” or “wives,” because obviously the only way to humanize women is on the basis of their relationships with men, and condemning sexual assault is only the responsibility of fathers/grandfathers/husbands. But whatever; they’re still leagues and bounds ahead of Ryan and Cruz.

Sure, as a liberal, I might disagree with Glenn on a lot of things, but something we can all agree on is that this is fucking pathetic.

“I wanted the Conservative movement — actual conservatives, who both on policy and morals stand antithetical to him — to stand up and rebuke him,” she told BuzzFeed News. “I supported Marco Rubio throughout the entire primary, and I also supported Paul Ryan’s speakership role. I’m not a purist, and I don’t demand that every politician I support aligns perfectly with me, but there is a line and the GOP crossed it.”

Glenn makes a very important point about the future of the GOP, which was already going straight into the dumpster, but unfortunately, it’s likely to be missed by much of the mainstream dialogue around Trump’s tapes. Many conservative values she likely maintains, on issues like abortion or family leave, are obviously counterproductive, and I have little doubt some liberals will find her rant hypocritical given her beliefs, but at least in terms of what support for Trump among Republican men means for the future of her party, she makes a critical argument.