President Obama says we’ll be on Mars by 2030 after mocking Leonardo DiCaprio’s planned trip

Like everyone else fed up with the presidential election, President Obama has turned his attention to escaping. In a CNN-op published Tuesday, Obama promised America will send humans to Mars by 2030, which some simple math suggests is only 14 years away. He wrote that the ultimate goal is “to one day remain there for an extended time.” He’s so done with Earth.

The president said the government will collaborate with private organizations, some of which will send astronauts to the International Space Station for the first time within the next two years and will help create “new habitats” that can keep humans alive for the approximately 35 million mile-long trip to Mars (if they go when Mars and Earth are closest, that is). According to Obama, “We’re already well on our way.”

“When our Apollo astronauts looked back from space, they realized that while their mission was to explore the moon, they had ‘in fact discovered the Earth,'” Obama wrote. “If we make our leadership in space even stronger in this century than it was in the last, we won’t just benefit from related advances in energy, medicine, agriculture and artificial intelligence, we’ll benefit from a better understanding of our environment and ourselves.”

Obama’s interest in increasing space exploration isn’t all that surprising, but it’s ironic that he’s set his sights on Mars not long after mocking Leonardo DiCaprio for planning a trip to the planet. Earlier this month, the leader of the free world and the movie star sat down at the White House’s tech and music festival, South by South Lawn (SXSL), to discuss climate change, and a climate scientist said, “As long as we haven’t signed up for the trip to Mars—I don’t want to know if anyone has—I think you’re crazy.” DiCaprio responded, “I did,” to which Obama quipped, “I think he’ll acknowledge he’s crazy.” Ok, Obama — we see you.

Maybe he didn’t want to spoil his big announcement, or maybe he only trusts NASA to send trained professionals into space. Either way, Obama and DiCaprio are actually on the same page regarding Mars travel.