Kylie Jenner might have a secret music alter ego named Terror Jr. whose tweets read like your old LiveJournal

The Jenner-Kardashian crew is literally everywhere, even when you don’t know it’s them. It’s possible Kylie Jenner has a music alter ego, Terror Jr., and she’s been tweeting under the alias, teasing a new single. It’s hard to tell if that is super badass or ridiculous… until you read the tweets. It reads like your old LiveJournal profile, all angsty and emo and shit. Like, “What’s a surface? We want to scratch that . . . Dig in . . . Deep… Beyond… Into the tissue, Into the mind . . . That’s where we can lie.” What does that even mean? Who knows.

There’s apparently a single called “Bop City” being dropping Oct. 21 — but even then, how will we know if it’s Kylie or not? Well, the account is verified with just under 5,000 followers, and the only person they follow on Twitter is Kylie. That’s coincidental, maybe. Or a dead-ass give away that it’s the lip gloss queen herself.

Also, as Perez Hilton points out, “Bop City” sounds a lot like “Rack City,” which is Tyga’s biggest hit. As you may know, Kylie and Tyga are totally in love in real life, so maybe he’s the Big Terror and she’s the little one.Terror Jr. also appeared the same day “Glosses”, a video teasing Kylie’s newest, nude additions to her lip glass line, and it’s possible it was Kylie herself in the video.

If all that’s not enough to convince you, Kylie’s friend Harry Hudson tweeted a congratulations on an EP release to his and then deleted it.

A representative for the band told Hilton, “Terror Jr. is a project from the guys who created Kiiara (Felix Snow and David aka Campa) and a girl named Lisa. They’ve expressed to me its their ‘dream pop supergroup.'” She wouldn’t confirm who “Lisa” was, but it’s starting to sound like it’s Kylie and Terror Jr. is her band. Which is just… kind of ridiculous. Like, why not just put her name on it? Maybe because she’s embarrassed about these ridiculous tweets.

According to Terror Jr.’s Soundcloud page, you can also check them out on “da Spotify” and listen for yourself. Until Oct. 21, we’ll just have to Sherlock Holmes this thing and see what we can figure out. If it’s not Kylie, it will be pretty silly. But there’s something about this whole hidden identity that screams “Kanye West/Kardashian/Jenner.”

We’ll just have to wait another week (hopefully not more, because how many more of those tweets do we really need to read?).