Janet Jackson finally confirms she’s pregnant with first child at 50

Although the news had been circulating for a few months, Janet Jackson confirmed that she is pregnant with her first chid, at the age of 50. She told People she couldn’t wait to meet her “blessing,” making official the rumors that she was expecting another member of the royal Jackson clan.

In April, Jackson took to social media and announced she was canceling her Unbreakable tour to focus on building her family with husband, Wissam Al Mana. She didn’t confirm or deny the pregnancy, probably to protect her privacy and because pregnancies are always tricky in the first stages. It’s annoying to have to say it, but it’s true: getting pregnant at 50 years old is no joke. It’s not impossible, but it’s no joke. She probably made the right call to just chill the hell out instead of touring the world (even though having to miss THE Janet Jackson is tough to swallow after you bought tickets and everything).

Janet Jackson has always been an other worldly being, and pregnancy really looks good on her. She didn’t reveal the baby’s gender or any other details, but she has been spotted shopping for baby stuff around London’s Back in Action furniture store, which means that baby is going to have the coolest room ever. Can you adopt me, Ms. Jackson?


A source told People she’s “super excited about her pregnancy and is doing extremely well. She actually feels very good about everything.” As she should, thankyouverymuch.

I’ll take bets now: is little Jackson going to be just as annoyingly fashion savvy as Jayden and Willow Smith, or even more so?