Trump isn’t the only failed business owner related to the Republican ticket

Although there are really too many to count at this point, one of the biggest criticisms of Donald Trump since the beginning of his campaign has been that he’s not the brilliantly successful businessman he portrays himself to be. Well, Trump isn’t the only person related to the Republican ticket known to lose money on business ventures. Karen Pence lost thousands of dollars on her business, according to her and the Republican vice presidential candidate’s tax returns.

Pence doesn’t talk about the business she started from scratch, That’s My Towel Charm, Inc., on the campaign trail, probably because it involved selling frivolous towel charms no one wants or needs. (In case you’re wondering what the hell a towel charm is, it’s a small decorative charm to put on your towel at the pool so you don’t accidentally wipe yourself down with someone else’s moist germ blanket — all Americans’ worst nightmare). She put the business on hold while her husband runs for the second highest office in the nation, but the couple’s 2015 tax returns show she lost $3,400 related to her towel charm business and painting projects that year.

According to Indiana’s Fox 59, Pence started slinging charms in 2015, so that lost $3,400 could have been start up costs, which is normal for a new company. However, that also means she started and then quickly abandoned her project, not unlike some of Trump’s failed business ventures.

Trump has similarly had people put money up for resorts that weren’t built, agreed to build casinos that never became a reality, and his companies have filed for bankruptcy a total of six times over the years. Of course, $3,400 isn’t anywhere near the $916 million Trump reported lost on his 1995 state tax returns, but it’s a loss all the same and shows that the two families have more in common than their bigoted, conservative values.

The Pences aren’t claiming to be as financially successful as Trump, but Mike is supposed to be the level-headed partner to balance out Trump’s craziness and lack of knowledge about how to actually do anything related to the government (now that he decided not to drop out of the presidential race). With the Republican ticket staked on making America great again and helping Americans “win,” neither family in the Trump-Pence campaign has been entirely successful or stable in terms of money.

I also have to point out that it’s no surprise a business selling towel charms (towel charms, people) wasn’t super profitable. I’ve never been to Indiana, but I trust the population is at least smart enough to keep track of their personal towels at pool parties.