Throwing an ax at photos of your ex is the best way to bury the hatchet

In case any of you in the middle of the passionate throes of heartbreak are in search of the most satisfying anger management technique, there is a place for throwing axes at pictures of your ex as a form of healing. The jury is out on whether this is psychologically cathartic or indicative of bad coping mechanisms. The venue catering to scorned lovers is called Stumpy’s Hatchet House and is located in Eatonville, New Jersey, where people can trade in their Elliot Smith playlists for invites to one of the venue’s many “Ax your Past” parties. You can maniacally brandish an indoor throwing ax to shred a photo of the ex who left your heart in shreds surrounded by people doing exactly the same thing.

Some people might consider it a toxic coping mechanism to aggressively throw weapons at the likeness of someone you formerly loved (or still harbor unresolved feelings for), but who’s to say an “Ax your Past” party won’t be the tiny flame that stokes a secret passion for regular recreational ax-throwing and the more mild sport of darts? Perhaps the only way to truly screw the nail in the coffin of your divorce is by tossing a few pounds of metal squarely into the nose of the culprit who used to steal your socks and commandeer the remote.

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While chatting with The New York Post, a psychologist and professor at Adelphi University, Deborah Serani, revealed that throwing axes at your ex’s photo may produce a healthy dose of catharsis:

This is something that could have some benefits. It’s constructive deconstruction. It’s a way to take excess energy that may be agitating you and use it in a productive way. As long as it’s all in fun, I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

Of course, the benefits are likely limited to one party; if you find yourself becoming a regular who consistently hurls axes at your partner from 2004, there may be some truly dangerous deep-seeded anger issues to work out.

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The owner of Stumpy’s Hatchet House, Trish Oliphant, revealed to The New York Post that her vision for the ax parties was purely born out of the idea of a fun release and tongue-in-cheek way to say they buried the hatchet. “We encourage people to really bury the hatchet, so to speak, so they can move forward to a brighter and better future. It’s better than sitting home and eating a gallon of ice cream,” she said.

Whether you’re actively bitter at your exes or not, this sounds like a thoroughly cathartic way to let off some steam.