Oh, OK! Donald Glover apparently became a dad earlier this year and didn’t tell anyone

Well, look at that! Donald Glover and his girlfriend had a baby, apparently. The Atlanta star and his yet-unnamed partner welcomed a child earlier this year, Us Weekly reports. Photos of the smiling couple leaving a grocery store in Hawaii back in January showed his girlfriend looking awfully pregnant, sparking predictable rumors. Those rumors roared more ferocious when said suspected girlfriend was spotted in New York City in May pushing a baby stroller around. Now a source tells Us Weekly the two, in fact, did have a child together — presumably sometime between January in May — making 33-year-old Glover a first-time dad.

However, this baby rumor is still just that: a rumor. I mean, it’s a rumor complete with a baby bump belonging to Donald Glover’s girlfriend, who was later seen pushing a stroller BUT THEY HAVEN’T SAID SHIT SO WE DON’T REALLY KNOW. And fucking good for them. After all, the couple has managed to remain private enough to keep one-half of them pretty dang anonymous; we still don’t know anything about this woman from January and May’s photos.

Given Glover’s growing visibility — first through his role on Community, then a hip-hop career as Childish Gambino, and most recently through his new FX show Atlanta — keeping something as huge as a new baby secret for so long is worth actual applause. Glover hasn’t yet commented on his alleged baby (god, I love using the term “alleged baby”).

Footage of Glover’s character, Earnest Marks,  on Atlanta suggests a baby and Glover would pair rather nicely. In the critically-acclaimed series premiere, Earn carries around and cares for his small child. The adorable footage was so thick with oxytocin, probably around 80 percent of viewers (don’t fact check us there) got pregnant just by bearing witness. But then again, maybe Glover pulled off the dad role so convincingly on-screen because of copious practice off.

Until we get official word from the Glover camp, we’ll enjoy this news as totally hopeful, gleeful speculation.