This video of Uzo Aduba getting into character for ‘OITNB’ is so intense

Next month, Rolling Stone will apparently run a feature on the Netflix hit Orange is the New Black and its cast. It’s bound to offer plenty of rich insights into what lies ahead in the show’s fifth season next year, and one preview of the magazine’s photoshoot with the cast goes so fas as to reveal the intense way Uzo Aduba gets in character to play Suzanne Warren: by literally screaming her head off.

This is hardly surprising considering how, as all OITNB fans know, Warren seems to be perpetually screaming on the inside over something. Aduba is powerfully convincing in her acting, and she certainly emulates Warren’s nickname “crazy eyes” by the look in hers as she roars, fists clenched, head shaking furiously.

According to the caption of the video, Rolling Stone’s Mark Seliger was photographing the cast of OITNB when videographer Alexandra Eaton heard screaming from the hall. “We came rushing in to see if everyone was OK,” Eaton Eaton told Rolling Stone of the scene. “It turned out #UzoAduba was just getting into her character, #CrazyEyes — and helping Mark get the perfect shot. She was nice enough to do it for our cameras again!”

In a 2015 interview with Rolling Stone, asked if “Crazy Eyes” was a tough character to get into, Aduba told the magazine she was getting used to her role and getting into character although, obviously, some scenes are more difficult than others:

“Not as much anymore as it used to. When I started, she was more challenging to unpack — just stepping into her boots, trying to be really clear in assessing her. I think now that I’ve had some time to sit in that character, I’m familiar with her voice and her point of view on things that I can access those things a little more readily; the leaping point is easier to find. There are days, though, that are still harder than others. It depends on the scene.”

Aduba’s preparation process is pretty wild, but frankly, so was season four of the critically acclaimed women’s prison flick. Season four dropped on Netflix back in June (not that I need to tell you, since you probably distinctly recall those days you set aside just to binge-watch all 13 episodes of the season to completion).

Major cliffhangers need resolutions, so luckily filming for season five is underway, and somewhere, Aduba is probably screaming her brilliant head off to get into character. Season five will drop some time in June 2017, which painfully remains a long ways down the road. For now, just take comfort in knowing how truly, wildly dedicated Aduba is to her role,