The trailer for Season 3 of ‘Black Mirror’ looks awesomely creepy

The near future is shaping up to be extremely bleak, but at least the trailer for Season 3 of Black Mirror makes bleakness look cool. On Oct. 21, the critically acclaimed show comes to Netflix with six all-new truly frightening stories about the implications of the everyday technology we take for granted, brought to life by an international cast of rising and veteran stars.

For those who haven’t seen Black Mirror yet, it’s a sci-fi horror/drama anthology show looking at the roles of digital technology and social media in our lives, sort of like The Twilight Zone for the 21st century. The show has also gained a reputation for being eerily prescient; in the most jaw-dropping example, the very first episode of Season 1 dealt with the Prime Minister of Great Britain having sex with a pig on camera in order to save a kidnapped member of the Royal Family. Unbelievable, right? It was a lot less unbelievable four years later, when allegations emerged that real-life Prime Minister David Cameron had placed a sensitive part of his anatomy in the mouth of a dead pig during his undergraduate days at Oxford. (The show’s creator Charlie Brooker claimed he was unaware of the allegations when putting the episode together.)

Black Mirror season 3
CREDIT: Netflix/Getty Images

Only time will tell whether Season 3’s going to be as clairvoyant, but given that post-Brexit Britain is turning into a racist, xenophobic hellscape and America is embroiled in one of the ugliest presidential races in living memory, I’ll be surprised if the show’s upcoming narratives of digital-age despair don’t become reality.

What’s different this time around? Unlike the UK-centric episodes of previous seasons, Black Mirror’s third season will take its tried-and-true approach beyond the shores of Britain. With a debut episode set in California, Parks & Recreation alumni Rashida Jones and Michael Schur writing another episode, and a cast that includes Bryce Dallas Howard, Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones’ Bronn), Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Michael Kelly, and Mackenzie Davis, Season 3 promises to spread the word that technology can destroy you no matter where you are.

We’ll also see a less exclusively heterosexual take on romance than in previous seasons, too. The first episode, “San Junipero,” centers on two women, Yorkie and Kelly, who get together in a California party town. When Kelly mysteriously disappears, Yorkie is so determined to find her that she goes time-hopping through different decades. Sounds touching, unsettling, and potentially depressing all at once.

If the trailer is anything to go by, this new season looks terrifying, innovative, insightful, and all-around great – basically, all the things Black Mirror does best.

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