New study says clitoral orgasms are great, so STFU Freud

After a few days of listening Donald Trump laugh Beavis and Butt-Head-style about “grabbing” pussies, this new study on clitoral orgasms is super refreshing and validating. Because, yes, let’s talk about clitoral orgasms — or as many women call them, orgasms.

For over a century, clitoral orgasms were pathologized by Sigmund Freud, who said they were a sign of sexual immaturity or even mental illness. Science has perpetuated this myth, mainly because most men (which means most scientists) have no idea how the clitoris works, what to do with it, or how a woman could get off without a penis penetrating them. But there is nothing wrong with a clitoral orgasm; in fact, it’s the most normal thing in the fucking world. The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, looked at 88 women, all between the ages of 18 to 53 years old. They were interviewed about their mental and sexual health and then asked to rate their sexual arousal while watching films chosen from the Adult Video Network Award winners for Best Film and Best Scene.

That sounds like a Sunday afternoon to me. Anyway, afterwards they were also asked about how they usually reach orgasm. Most answered that it was a mix between clitoral and vaginal stimulation. They found that clitoral orgasms are actually associated with more sexual control and have no connection to mental health at all.

“Women who reported primarily stimulating their clitoris to reach orgasm reported higher trait sexual drive and higher sexual arousal to visual sexual stimulation and were better able to increase their sexual arousal to visual sexual stimulation when instructed than women who reported orgasms primarily from vaginal sources,” the study concludes.

Hey, if you’re the queen of vaginal orgasms, more power to you. But clitoral orgasms have a rough time out there in the wild. Because the female orgasm in general has been ignored for years, we’re only just now finding out officially that most women get off with a mixture of stimulation. Having spoken to females all of my life about sex and endlessly watching reruns of Sex and the City, I could have told you that.

Studies like this are necessary to get it through everyone’s thick heads that a woman’s orgasm is possible, varied, and part of the process, just as much as a guy getting an erection. I don’t want one more generation — not one! — of women growing up not knowing how to find and stimulate their own clitoris and able to show their partners how to do the same. Seriously, if I were famous, this would be my cause, because it’s a damn shame. Every woman reaches an orgasm differently and the only way to raise awareness (yes, awareness; let’s start a GoFundMe right now) about the existence of the female orgasm is to talk about all the different ways women get there.

According to a 2015 study by Cosmopolitan, only 57 percent of women have an orgasm with their partner, who gets off 95 percent of the time, and according to 38 percent, it’s because of “not enough clitoral stimulation.” It’s a travesty. And the lack of knowledge about the female body is all due to Freud and men thinking women are uncontrollable freaks of nature who need a penis to be fucked right. We don’t have to believe the hype any longer. No more pussy grabbing. Just consensually awesome clitoral stimulation for all.

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