Ivanka Trump faved a tweet about Donald calling her a “piece of ass,” wait what?

Although the moderators tried their best, it was hard to get Republican nominee Donald Trump to talk explicitly about a 2005 tape from Access Hollywood on which Trump says lewd things about groping women without their consent. Trump probably should have addressed the issue head on and tried to re-apologize, but he didn’t. Instead, we have a better sign that no one in the campaign respects women all that much. Not even his daughter. On Sunday, Ivanka liked a tweet about Donald calling her a “piece of ass.”

Trump has said lots of creepy things about his daughter over the years, insinuating that he finds her attractive or would date her. The most recent headline comes from a 2006 Howard Stern interview in which Stern is questioning the real estate mogul about the authenticity of his daughter’s breasts. While Trump mumbles about how she’s always been very “voluptuous,” Stern jokes that she’s a “piece of ass.” Trump laughs in agreement and gives Stern the OK to call his child that.

It’s just locker room banter, everyone! Nothing to see or hear here! Here’s the deal — I don’t think Trump actually wants to bone his daughter (oh god oh god, please no), but these are not the kind of compliments a man should give his daughter, ever.

CREDIT: Ivanka Trump/Twitter

The retweet on Ivanka’s timeline basically says, “Look, he loves women; it’s OK for him to talk about his daughter in a sexually objectified way.” The post has since been un-faved, but screenshots are magic.

That he talks about his daughter’s body and how “dateable” she is with other men is just disgusting, but what’s really strange is that Ivanka, or someone on her team, thought that “liking” this relationship between father and daughter is cool and normal. It’s not. At least someone had the decency to stop them from hugging after the debate.

The retweet shows that the campaign and family going all-in with this “locker room,” boy talk excuse. This is one of those times where the apology is almost worse than the original sin. Young, prepubescent boys shouldn’t talk about women like that, let alone a 59-year-old man. Remember that every time Trump is talking about a “decade old” recording, he is referring to himself as a grown-ass man. He didn’t think it was wrong then and he’s certainly not going to change now.

The locker room banter excuse is also offensive to most men. Professional athletes (who aren’t really known for their chivalry towards women either) are taking issue with Trump’s comments.

I don’t expect Donald Trump to stop his nasty ways at this point (I mean, an unofficial advisor to the campaign is Roger Ailes), but a guy who thinks about half of the American population as things he can grab to fulfill his sexual desires (ugh, so gross, I know) is not someone that should be in charge of a country. Even NBC suspended Billy Bush from the Today show for being on that tape, encouraging Trump to keep talking about women in that way. A TV network knows what’s wrong, but the Republican Party and the Trump campaign don’t have a clue.