Why Anderson Cooper was the best debate moderator so far

The second presidential debate was nasty. If the candidates could have pulled out each others’ hair, they would have. Which is why Anderson Cooper was the best moderator so far, along with ABC News’ Martha Raddatz, for just holding the proverbial fort down. They did everything the could have done to control the two candidates and reminded me of when I dog sit my neighbor’s two pit bulls who are cooped up in a small apartment all day. You just have to do the best you can and remember to clean up the shit.

It was all to be expected, of course. Donald Trump was out to distract people from thinking about the Access Hollywood tapes that were released on Friday in which he talks about groping women. And when Trump is out to attack, things get loud and rowdy.

Both candidates interrupted each other over and over again and it was really up to Cooper and Raddatz to ask them to shut the hell up and let each other speak. Since it was a town hall format, Cooper and Raddatz’s main role was to keep time and follow up on audience members’ questions. Again, like wrangling angry pit bulls. It’s a wonder he can keep it all together.

But he did. Cooper, as always, was the calm in the middle of the shitstorm.

Like when he pressed Trump on taxes

Or when he asked Trump if he understood English

When he didn’t let Trump bully him

When he asked Hill straight up 

When he reminded Trump that he repeats himself

Again, shutting Trump up


Seriously, everyone loved Cooper (Martha ruled too, by the way).

Coop (that’s what I call him now) didn’t ask too many tough questions; he sort of let Raddatz, as a national security expert, go for some of the tougher policy questions. Cooper was basically America’s annoyed father, trying to get each candidate to stop pointing at each other and just tell him what they want for dinner. Cooper was all over badgering the candidates into answering the questions and staying on topic and  repeatedly cut off both of the candidates when they started to get a little antsy and shriek over each other.

Cooper also just has the best dead pan facial expression when he’s not taking any shit. He does this all the time — remember when he slayed Florida’s attorney general Pam Bondi about her LGBTQ record after the shooting at Pulse in Orlando? This is how Anderson Cooper rolls. If Beyoncé gets to perform at every Super Bowl, Cooper should be in charge of politics.

But seriously, someone buy that dude a drink tonight.