Who writes Donald Trump’s tweets? They were firing off during the debate so it’s not always him

Part of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s schtick is that he goes off on random Twitter rants (or just IRL rants) whenever he wants to. But there are sometimes one has to wonder who writes Donald Trump’s tweets, because it can’t always be him. Or can it? During the second presidential debate someone was firing off tweets under his handle, so it can’t always be the candidate, because he was hovering on the debate stage and spitting insults into his (now working) microphone all night.

So, it’s someone on his team — maybe one of his spawn sitting in the front row or a campaign operative waiting in the greenroom. And hey, listen, it’s no big deal if The Donald isn’t always tweeting. But the campaign should signal when it’s the man himself or someone from the campaign, like Clinton and most other politicians do. It’s more authentic and honest to let people know what’s coming from his head through his stubby little fingers and what some campaign advisor is tapping out.

Especially since “saying what’s on his mind” and speaking from the heart is part of his appeal to his supporters. According to various reports, sometimes it is Trump thumbing out his rage and sometimes it’s not. But when he does, it’s only the angry tweets. Science says so.

According to a textual analysis done by The Washington Post, the tweets from Trump’s account come from an iPhone and from an Android phone. Most of the tweets sent from an iPhone include a link to a rally or a campaign announcement. From the Android, there were 40 to 80 percent more words “related to disgust, sadness, fear, anger and other negative sentiments than the iPhone,” according to David Robinson from The Washington Post.

So that late night Twitter rant about Miss Universe? That was definitely Trump. The random insults? Definitely Trump. But the tweets that were coming all night during the debate were not Trump. The campaign was on it, you have to hand it to them. They came ready to play rough and they were ready with fact checks and memes about the Clinton campaign. Trump even spoke to his Twitter habit. “I’m not unproud of it, ” he said during the debate. He also said, “Tweeting is a mode of modern communication,” when asked by moderator Anderson Cooper about his behavior on social media. So whether it’s him or not, everything is apparently approved by the big boss.

If you’re going to use “modern communication,” it’s important to use it the right way just in case one of his supporters starts worshipping the man who can debate and tweet at the same time (don’t pretend some stoner somewhere doesn’t thinks that’s possible). I don’t know what’s worse — that Trump tweets half the things he does or that no one on his team deletes them.