The best tweets from the second presidential debate mock the dumpster fire on stage

Considering there are few things less simultaneously mind-crushing and important to the collective future of America than the election cycle, it’s a godsend that we at least had the best tweets from the second presidential debate to keep our heads afloat in the aftermath of political hell. The debate itself was hosted by Martha Raddatz of ABC News and Anderson Cooper of CNN, a dynamic duo who paired sharp incisive interview skills with diplomacy while managing the town hall style debate.

As the internet (and world at large) is abuzz with questions of who won the second presidential debate, a question that’s always difficult to answer when Donald Trump’s habits of grandiose statements are involved, those of us keyed into the real issues are aware that Twitter was the real debate winner. Whether they are tweets documenting Hillary Clinton’s steady side-eye when discussing global issues with Trump or absurd and on-point observations that poke fun at both candidates (and the moderators — no one is safe on the internet), the sometimes terrifying mass of Twitter users obviously had its televisions turned on and sharp quips at bay.

While the discussion grows around what this second debates means for both candidates, and more specifically, speculation circulates around the opinions of undecided voters at the center of this debate, one thing is certain: the tweets were on point. So, without further adieu, here are some of the best tweets from the second presidential debate.

The tweet that animates the dosage needed for surviving this debate

The tweet that described the inevitable double-standards we knew we’d see

TFW Bob’s Burgers gives the best debate coverage

Unfortunately sometimes, we are ALL Gary Johnson

The simultaneously encouraging and depressing reminder that we can always ignore our country’s downfall

When parenting metaphors accurately describe our country

TFW we collectively hope Melania Trump escapes

When you don’t fully understand the tweet, but also identify with the core message of the tweet

You know it’s petty when the candidates’ daughters are involved, but that’s where we’re at

At least we can all share in the anxiety before perishing

Sometimes you gotta call it out

When Trump brings up ISIS to cover his hatred for women

When people close to Trump can’t hide their feelings

How to actually get through the debate

The real questions that need to be asked

We may not have much hope in our country at this point, but at least we have the quiet yet powerful flutter of the outlet of twitter and its ability to unify us through political commentary, or at least all-too-accurate GIFs of people drinking wine to cope.