Hillary Clinton’s best quotes from the second presidential debate held nothing back

The political roast battle of the first presidential debate certainly helped stoke anticipation for the second, and Hillary Clinton’s best quotes from the second debate only confirmed the vastly different debate styles of her and her Republican rival Donald Trump. If anything, the simultaneously cringe-inducing and humorous dynamic between Clinton and Trump makes the debates watchable in the same way a straight-to-DVD comedy is watchable: you’re just surviving.

Regardless of your feelings about the actual politics of the candidates, it would be irresponsible to deny the abilities of the debate moderators — Martha Raddatz of ABC and Anderson Cooper from CNN. Despite, or perhaps because of their different moderating styles, the two were able to manage the town hall style debate as best you could under that pressure.

While these debates technically don’t predict who will become president, it’s still telling to witness the two candidates buckle (or thrive) under the pressure of a rapid fire 90-minute interrogation of their values. Whether or not you think Clinton or Trump won (or, better yet, Jill Stein lurking in the shadows), it’s undeniable that Trump stayed true to his outspoken persona and Clinton stuck to her more practiced script when answering the prompts. In case you missed out on the expedited heart attack that was our second debate, I have gathered some of Clinton’s best quotes from the night.

That moment when Clinton called out Trump’s birtherism

When she shared how she deals with Trump by giving a shout out to Michelle Obama

When she simply reminded everyone what she’s on stage to achieve

That moment she slyly roasted Trump by saying her favorite thing about him is his children

When she casually said “Okay Donald, I know you’re into big diversion”

When she offhandedly said Trump lives in an alternate reality, which is likely the chant she does in the mirror before weeping every morning

But also, she let the people know how she feels about tax cuts and their negative economic effects on lower and middle class.

When she made sure to clarify that her issue is not with Republicans or even Trump supporters, but rather the violence that Trump himself encourages

She held none of her feelings back when she said she’s glad someone with Trump’s temperament isn’t running our country.

Of course, she returned once again to her consistent selling theme of American unity.

Obviously, this night was chock-full of quotes, both wonderful and terrifying (depending on your definition), but these were the stand-out quotes from Clinton that both demonstrated her debating abilities and what she aims to stand for.