Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump didn’t shake hands at the debate, and Twitter lost its shit

The second presidential debate was tense as hell before it even began, but the fact that Clinton and Trump didn’t shake hands before they started set the tone for a rough night. And for good reason. On Friday, audio of Republican nominee Donald Trump joking with Access Hollywood host Billy Bush about grabbing women’s genitals. In return, Trump’s apology included an attack on the Clinton family, pointing the finger at former President Bill Clinton’s past infidelities and accusations of rape. It’s been a dirty, tough weekend for both camps.

It started like a Roman gladiator fight (I’m just taking from what I know about them from the movies, so bear with me). The Trump family was all there. Melania, Eric, Ivanka, and Donald Jr. walked out and greeted former president Bill Clinton, who stood there all by his lonesome without any balloons. He joined his daughter Chelsea and his son-in-law, but it was a tense, tense moment, with the fams just staring each other down. It didn’t help that Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Wiley and Paula Jones were in the debate hall after having done a photo-op with Trump before the debate. Things got crazy personal really quick.

Twitter flipped its lid about the lack of handshake.

It was fucking out of control. The handshake was a nicety. But as soon as the questions began, the candidates tore into each other. Trump again tried to deflect from his tapes by going in on Clinton’s emails. Clinton, in return, fired back about Trump needing to divert from the issues and interrupt her while she spoke. At one point, Trump complained that the debate was “three against one,” since moderator Anderson Cooper repeatedly asked him to remain quiet while Clinton took a question, as per the debate format. It was lit.

Because both of the candidates are good at sick burns. I mean, Trump has no respect for Clinton and Clinton has no respect for Trump. It’s amazing they didn’t start just flinging their feces at each other. That being said, at least Bill, being stared down from behind by the ghosts of his alleged sexual misconduct, was able to act like an adult and shake hands with Trump’s creepy sons, Ivanka, and Melania. I mean, at least those robots knew how to keep up appearances. It was like watching an episode of Black Mirror, except that it was real and even more screwed up.

And who wants to shake either of their hands anyway?