Donald Trump’s best quotes from the second presidential debate won’t make you worried for the country at all

Even if you hate politics, it’s hard to stop watching Donald Trump sometimes. The sheer amount of crap that comes out of his mouth is astounding despite the fact that he is ignorant, a xenophobe, and has no idea what he’s talking about. On Sunday, The Donald did not disappoint, and these Donald Trump quotes from the second presidential debate were all right on brand.

Some of the ridiculous shit he said Sunday night has to do with the fact that Trump doesn’t think being prepared is something he should focus on when it comes to fighting for the job that he wants. He prefers to wing it. That means that he mumbles things under his breath, throws insults at his opponent and the moderators, and basically rambles on and on about how great he and his ideas are — even though he isn’t and his ideas are freaking outrageous (if not just plain stupid). Nothing can hold Trump back,not even a hot mic. In fact, it looks like Hillary Clinton’s debate strategy is to poke at Trump until he explodes. Nothing gets Donald like a woman dissing him about his business acumen or the fact that he doesn’t know jack. When he’s on the defense, that’s when things really get good.

Here are some prime Trump quotes from Sunday night.

On Hillary Clinton

Somehow he managed to tweet

On the tapes

On women

On black people

On Russia 

On national security (and not agreeing with his running mate)

It really doesn’t get much better than this. If better means having to down an entire bottle of delicious, bubbly prosecco just so you don’t have to really think about what Trump means (if he means anything at all) when he speaks. I mean, sometimes there isn’t even basic subject-verb agreement in his sentences.

The one quote voters might hear more about this week is Trump’s threat that he would have an attorney general investigate Clinton’s something — email, foundation, finances, what’s the difference at this point? — and jail her. That’s a little problematic, since that’s usually what dictators do to their opponents and detractors. So he’s both stupid and dangerous. And might not even know how the justice system works. It’s things like this that make it hard to choose what you should be angry about. The racist things? The fact that he still called his comments from 2005 “locker room banter”? Or that he’s egging on ISIS? It’s hard to decide, because they’re all pretty batshit crazy.