9 lipsticks for pale skin that won’t overpower your ghostly porcelain face

Trying to find flattering lipstick shades for any skin tone can be exhausting, but trying to find lipsticks for pale skin that won’t overpower your ghostly porcelain face can bring its own challenges.

The first step in trying to find them is to embrace the contrast of the lipstick colors on your skin. Most colors will look amazing on you, while others can be so intense it’s like staring into the sun, but the sun is your mouth and your eyes are your face.

To try and ease your face into the shades a little more, you can dab the lipstick onto your lips instead of using the regular swiping motion to ensure there is not too much pigment doing on at once. You can also check out the color suggestions below to make your lipstick shopping a bit easier, and a little less potentially horrifying.


Nude lipstick for pale skin can seem nearly impossible to find, mostly since almost every shade turns out to be too dark. To get the perfect nude with pale skin, avoid the browns and oranges, and look for lip colors that are mostly peach or pink. Pale pinks and peaches will do the trick like whoa.


Looking to be more bold? Nothing says edgy (and classic as hell) better than a bold red lip. Try to find red lipsticks that are blue based though, since this shade of red against your sheet-like porcelain skin makes for a gorgeous contrast.


If you’re looking for a delicate balance between a nude and bold color, there is ~mauve~. Mauve falls in between pink and purple and is basically like a dustier and paler version of the two colors, giving you that ’90s grunge look I personally live for. It can be tricky to find mauve lipsticks in flattering shades for every complexion, but stick to the lighter options and your pale skin will look amaaazing. Hoop earrings optional.


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