Rihanna wore a T-shirt of her younger self clubbing like the true goddess she is

Rihanna is a goddess, plain and simple. Well, there’s nothing plain or simple about Rihanna, but you know what I mean. Especially when it comes to her wardrobe, which is totally worth envying and copying as much as possible, if — and this is a big “if” — you can pull it off. This week, Rihanna wore a T-shirt with her picture on it to the club over a long, red evening gown, and totally killed it.

Can you do that? I mean, we can all do that, but no one will look as glamorous and cool as Rihanna when she does it. The rest of us would just look like we were wearing an oversized T-shirt over our prom dress because we spilled red wine on it.

Or maybe she was just cold on her way to 1 Oak, a club in New York City, after she had a fancy dinner. The dress was super light and low cut, so it’s possible she just grabbed shirt (which is merch from her Made In America tour) to cover up because it’s been really hard to figure out how cold it’s going to get and what to wear from day to night here in New York lately, and even Rihanna isn’t exempt from that.

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Paired with her new dreads, Rihanna’s club look was perfect — like all her looks, all the time. Her fashion sense makes sense to me — it’s not about the pieces, it’s about how she tosses them together and struts around. She wears bras as shirts and looks good. T-shirts with her yearbook photo on it to the club. And like, really, really big dresses that she somehow doesn’t disappear in. She’s a fucking queen.


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Just last month, she debuted her Fenty x Puma line at Paris Fashion Week, and it was everything you love about Rihanna. Her own outfit was described by Hello Giggles’ Rachel Sanoff as “Marie Antoinette goes to the gym,” which is sort of what I’d like my aesthetic to be this fall, too. She used male models draped in pink satin, totally giving the middle finger to fashion’s silly gender norms, and it’s all stuff you could see her in — crop tops, shiny jackets, lots of layered hoodies, and lots of pearls and diamonds.

All of those things sound like everything I need right this very minute. The thing about Rihanna’s looks is that you have to have a lot of guts to try them at home. But screw it — what’s wrong with your yearbook photo anyway? Put that shit on a shirt and get out there.

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