Online wig shop steals blogger’s photo and alters it in the funniest way imaginable

The perfect story is at your fingertips if you need fuel for your personal fire of face-palming, shrugging your shoulders, and muttering, “What the hell?!” A recent report from BuzzFeed shared the ridiculous story of a wig company stealing a beauty blogger’s photo of herself, and the way the company attempted to cover up its un-permitted use of the pic was next level absurd.

It all started when beauty blogger Alexandria Nicole, who can be found both on YouTube and Instagram, posted an Instagram photo of her styled natural hair months ago. All of this was par for the course, until earlier this week when Nicole discovered the website DressLily had snatched her photo without permission and listed her hair on their site as a product ad for “Short Curly Afro Synthetic Wig.”

Rather than dutifully removing the photo after Nicole messaged DressLily to call it out on stealing her personal photo, the website took the scenario to the next level and photoshopped another person’s face onto Nicole’s head. Also, this photoshop job is stoned college freshman trolling levels of bad — there’s not even the faint attempt to make the photo pass as legitimate. While she was still understandably disturbed, Nicole couldn’t help but laugh at the hairy situation she’d fallen into.

Here’s the original photo of her hairstyle:

Here’s what was initially listed on the website:

Finally, here’s what DressLily considered problem-solving:

There are no words.

As of now, the wig and product description have been removed from the website, but if you peruse the website you might find some familiar faces, notably Rihanna and Halle Berry, in their probably (definitely) illegal photo collection. I need to get my inhaler, because I can’t breathe.