Is Martha Raddatz a Democrat? The journalist is moderating the second presidential debate

Ever since Donald Trump’s big “Lester Holt is a Democrat” gaffe last month (except oops — Holt is actually a registered Republican), the political leanings of journalists who are moderating this year’s national debates are receiving a lot more attention. Trump went as far as to claim they’re all Democrats, “they” being debate moderators, because the only thing Trump really wants you to retain from this madness is that the system is rigged against him. That being said, while Anderson Cooper, one of the second presidential debate’s two moderators, is famous for his impartiality, is Martha Raddatz a Democrat?

Raddatz’s strong point is military affairs. She’s currently ABC’s chief global affairs correspondent and additionally covered national security following 9/11 as it dominated the national conversation. Raddatz worked as ABC’s State Department correspondent starting in 1999 and became ABC’s senior national security correspondent in May 2003.

It’s pretty obvious what she’ll bring to the table at the second debate — expect questions related to foreign policy, terrorism, and ISIS, but simultaneously, don’t expect Raddatz to blatantly take a side. Unlike Holt, the political party she is registered under hasn’t been made public, nor has Raddatz explicitly talked about her ideological views, obviously for professional reasons.

That being said, there have been some hints dropped throughout her career that Raddatz might lean left on a couple issues. She didn’t exactly seem like a fan of the Iraq War when, in a 2008 interview with former Vice President Dick Cheney, she pointed out that public opinion was largely against the war and looked visibly troubled when Cheney famously replied, “So?” However, any qualms she may or may not have with the Iraq War don’t necessarily speak to her party alignment since plenty of Republicans (whom Donald Trump claims to be among) have come out against the war.

Still, that hasn’t stopped right-wing outlets from slamming Raddatz for purported bias because Barrack Obama attended Raddatz’s wedding to Julius Genachowski in 1991 (almost two decades before he became president). Genachowski was a classmate of Obama’s at Harvard, but to Breitbart, this was enough to condemn Raddatz for liberal bias ahead of a February Republican primary debate she moderated.

CREDIT: Timothy A Clary/Getty Images

At the end of the day, it’s not even clear that the political leanings of a debate moderator make a substantial difference. Despite being a Republican, Holt asked questions free of partisan undertones that appeared to challenge both Trump and Clinton. For example, he tried to hold Trump accountable for denying his Iraq War support, while also questioning Clinton on the email scandal.

Additionally, Sunday’s debate will be steered by voter-submitted questions from The form is still open as of Friday, and ABC and CNN will consider incorporating the top 30 questions.