12 lipsticks for dark skin tones that seriously no one else can pull off

Buying lipstick for dark skin tones can be tricky. You never know which shades you are going to love and which are going to make your lips look a 13-year-old who is playing with crayons. Fortunately for you, there are some awesome lipsticks for dark skin tones that seriously no one else can pull off.

Because there are so many colors you can pull off that truly no one else can, picking out lip colors does not have to be difficult and it won’t be if you keep certain shades in mind. And you know, also constantly remind yourself that you’re gorgeous and can pull off just about everything.


Orange is probably the most frightening color to wear on your lips but, for a lot of darker skin tones, it just works. If the thought of bright orange really scares you, try a sheer lipstick where you can build up the intensity as little or as much as you want. Another way to introduce orange into your lipstick collection is through corals. These colors mix in red or pink with the orange, so it is not so intense and Halloween-y.


Purple is pretty underestimated as a lip color because it’s usually considered a color for the more daring humans. There are many different shades of purple, but the most flattering for darker-toned skin is dark purple and fuchsia. Fuchsia is a mixture of purples and pinks and even though it is a bit far from deep purple on the purple spectrum, both shades do wonders for dark skin. 


Deep red colors and burgundies are not as risky as a lot of other colors, but look just as great on dark skin. If you find the right one, they could easily have you sporting a vampy dark wine lip in the summer time (like me, guilty as charged), or even in the winter for an extra pop of color.

Deep Brown

Deep brown lip colors can be terrifying in their packaging, but they are gorgeous on the lips (hello: women with darker skin in the ’90s). A deep brown lip can also be a subtle nude if your complexion is very deep, or if your skin tone is a bit lighter, it can act as a dark lip that is perfect for looking like the hottest fall babe ever. 

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