Well actually, this poem about mansplaining is the best part of National Poetry Day

Mansplaining is the bane of every female’s existence, and it seems like once we gave it a name, it became easily recognized anywhere. Sometimes, even the instructions to an IKEA bookshelf seem to be a little condescending and obvious. But Wendy Cope, a British poet, nailed mansplaining years ago, way before anyone started calling men on their shit. It’s sort of perfect.

Thursday was National Poetry Day in the U.K. and in honor of the “holiday,” inews.co.uk editor Felicity Morse shared the contemporary poem called “Differences Of Opinion.” It starts with a man telling a woman that the Earth is flat. The woman in the poem tells him that he’s wrong, but “he has learned to argue well” and calls her arguments unsound. He “often asks her not to yell,” the poem reads. “She cannot win, he stands his ground.” And then the final zinger, of course, is that the planet remains round. Doesn’t that sounds just like the presidential debates this year?

It’s a pretty perfect explanation of what mansplaining is and I intend on using it; in fact, I might print it out on little business cards to hand out when it happens. Because that’s the really annoying thing about mansplaining — most men don’t understand when they are doing it or why it’s so annoying for women.

Mansplaining is a super dick move, and sometimes it comes from real, aggressive misogyny. But sometimes it’s much more subtle. Some men, who by most accounts are very nice and well-meaning, mansplain all the time because they’ve just grown up in a society that assumes women don’t know what they’re doing and need to be guided. Those are the guys who really get irritated when you tell them they’re mansplaining.

Some men just have a hard time grasping that they don’t know everything (mansplaining is a lot like white privilege in that way). That’s why even Cope’s title is top notch: it’s not about opinions, sometimes facts are facts.

So, Cope’s poem is perfect. Sometimes, the person with the facts knows what’s up and it’s time to shut up and listen. Carry on.