No one knows what color this purse is and it’s “the dress” all over again

People say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this phrase can also work for the color of a Kate Spade handbag. A couple of days ago, Twitter user @whyofcorso’s post of her new bag hit the internet, and for a while, no one knew the real color of the purse in photo. The picture seemed to show a beautiful white designer bag sitting on the edge of a table, but when one of her followers complimented her on the purse’s “daring” white color, things seemed to take a strange turn. The purse owner, DIY designer and creator of Feminist Killjoy Taylor Corso, replied back and said the bag was blue. Wait, what?

Confused people began to wonder what the deal was with this purse mystery. Was she trolling the internet to make everyone look nuts? Or, was she in denial about her own purse? Either way, people were there to convince her that her purse was indeed white because the internet is always right. At that moment, Corso had to face one terrifying truth — her new Kate Spade bag was starting to become the latest version of The Dress. She even called the latest internet craze #MyBag as people began to flood her mentions with instructions on how to see the bag’s true color.

In February 2015, a photo of a dress went viral when viewers began to debate if it was a gold/white or a blue/black combination. After appearing on Tumblr, the dress soon made its way to Twitter and generated millions of tweets. It was on both local and national news shows and prompted discussion about how humans perceive color in different ways. Now, Corso’s purse has given Twitter yet another reason for a ridiculous debate. Because it makes sense to tell the owner of a purse what color her purse is based on a social media photo.

While The Dress became an international phenomenon, Corso and a few of her followers have already shut the purse debate down. After tweeting “Bitch it’s Mystic Blue cry about it” along with a photo, one person said the mystery was probably a result of the camera’s correction of the white balance. Her tweet was confirmed by another user who photographed the exact same purse in a different lighting. This time, the purse did have a baby blue hue and therefore ended Pursegate. 

But, the real happy ending of this story is how she is handling the sudden attention. Corso has taken her newfound internet fame and directed it toward her JDRF fundraiser while living in peace with her Mystic Blue bag. But, we will always remember her iconic “Bitch it’s Mystic Blue cry about it” line. Put that on a white T-shirt and sell it to the masses.