Beyoncé invested in concert retail app and here’s what you need to know about Sidestep

All things are possible with Beyoncé — dropping best-selling albums out of nowhere, starting a successful athleisure line, running a management company, and juggling the demands of being extremely famous while remaining somewhat mysterious. Now, Beyoncé has invested $150K in an app called Sidestep, because she is the leader of a mighty empire. Beyoncé’s relationship with Sidestep began during her recent Formation World Tour. Fans who attended her shows were able to pre-order merchandise via Sidestep and skip the long lines so they could quickly get in formation to receive life from Bey. After receiving rave reviews from users and generating successful sales, Beyoncé and her management company Parkwood Entertainment decided to invest in Sidestep.

So, how does Sidestep work? The app allows fans to order their merch before, during, or even after an event right from their phones. After selecting items and paying a 10 percent service fee, they have the option of either picking up their merchandise at a pickup spot located in the venue or even having it delivered straight to their home (which isn’t always an available option). Sidestep not only eliminates the dreaded wait before or after a concert, it also takes away the potential concern of vendors running out of the size or style you desire.

Her decision to partner with a fledgling company is both a cool and smart idea. First, it shows Beyoncé’s ability to spot talent outside of the music world and her bravery to try out a novel service idea on one of the largest tours of her career. It’s a classic Beyoncé move — fearless, bold, and ultimately (probably) successful. Her investment in Sidestep will surely bring the app to more tours and events around the world. It’s a great way for artists to sell more merch and make more money, as well as a nice option for fans to avoid one of the classic headaches of going to a concert. And, Sidestep gets to make a truckload of money while having bragging rights. Because you gotta brag when you know music royalty.

I attended the Formation World Tour in Raleigh and I wish I had used the app. The North Carolina tour stop was the first one with rain and thunderstorms, which caused a ton of traffic and delays. A lot of fans decided to buy merch while waiting for the gates to open at the stadium, so guess where I ended up? In a damn line. Next time, I will make sure I hit Sidestep up before I think about going to a show.

All hail Queen Bey: the solver of all our problems.