4 natural make-up products for sensitive skin that actually do what they say they’ll do

Having sensitive skin makes shopping for make-up basically a nightmare. The majority of typical beauty products either make you relive your adolescent days with an army of breakouts on your face, or you can hardly even see them on your face at all, probably because they’re often made of concepts like “crystal energy!” rather than actual working ingredients. Fortunately, there are some natural make-up products for sensitive skin that actually do what they say they’ll do. 

As more and more people are becoming aware of what they put in and on their bodies, more natural beauty options are starting to hit stores, which is so great. Especially for the people who aren’t “lucky” enough to be able to handle harsh chemicals on our faces without seeing visible problems. Finding amazing make-up that won’t cause major problems for you now, or in five years from now, shouldn’t be so stressful for people with sensitive skin (or for people who just don’t want to put some harmful crap on their face). These natural brands and products will help ease your mind and relax your face.

Prep your face

Starting off, you should prepare your skin before you add make-up so you have have a gorgeous palate to work with. To help achieve that, Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask can rejuvenate your skin and make all the difference when it comes to what you put on top of it. Have you ever tried to put make-up on dry, flaky skin? It’s like a monster movie. This mask will help you hydrate so your skin is glowing, dewy, and has plenty of moisture so you can put make-up on top of it and your skin will drink it up and make it look even, which is what you want, probably. 

Foundation is often the hardest part of the process to perfect. This hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, paraben-free foundation by Bare Minerals makes wearing foundation soooo much easier. With skin tones ranging from ‘Deepest deep’ to ‘Fairly light’, this foundation is available to just about everyone, which is a nice change of pace from a lot of disappointingly limited brands. It also has build-able coverage, so you can be cake-faced or look like you are barely wearing anything, whatever your heart desires. That’s always a nice option to have.


Get a healthy flush of color on your cheeks (without the rash from weird chemicals) with this blush oil from rising make-up brand, Milk Make-up. Milk is environmentally conscious and emphasizes freedom in self-expression through make-up. Their products are really easy to use and specifically designed with the cosmetically challenged in mind, so, hello, they’re a great bet. 


Finish off the with the lips with Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. This liquid lipstick is as free of GMOs and synthetic dyes as it is packed with natural oils that keep your lips feeling comfortable and hydrated. It also lives up to its name and literally will not move from your mouth, no matter how many nachos you eat right after making out with a cute human, which are two fun things to do. 

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