Why did Chrissy Teigen make her Twitter private? The model says she’s “not strong enough”

Chrissy Teigen has always been very open and vocal on social media, sharing pieces of her life and speaking her mind on everything from politics to body positivity. Unfortunately, that may be over now that she’s shut the world out of her social media presence, raising the question: Why did Teigen make her Twitter account private?

The decision came as a surprise to most people, as Teigen simply tweeted, “It’s not haters or trolls or generally mean people. I just feel like I’m absorbing bad shit 24/7. My body and mind cannot handle it anymore,” as she changed her account from public to private. The 30-year-old model also responded to someone asking if it was now private, saying, “Yeah. Not strong enough anymore.

Luckily, the 2.88 million people already following Teigen weren’t kicked off her account and get to continue reading her tweets and seeing her adorable baby pics. But if you weren’t following her before, you’re shit out of luck now. Her husband, John Legend’s twitter account is still public, in case you need some insight into the family on a daily basis. It’s a little strange to make your account private, yet keep millions of followers, but at least random people not following her can’t @ her with nasty comments or retweet her photos for disgusting purposes.

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CREDIT: Chrissy Teigen/Twitter

Although Teigen said she wasn’t blocking the world out because of trolls, she would be totally justified if that were the reason. Anyone in the spotlight has to put up with a ridiculous amount of personal attacks if they choose to be on social media, which would eventually wear on anyone.