Shirtless and drenched Milo Ventimiglia will make you want to watch ‘This Is Us’ ASAP

Usually shows like NBC’s This Is Us make me want to vomit a little bit. But if there is some eye candy involved, why the hell not? I think that’s how I started watching Grey’s Anatomy, even. If you need to be convinced, just check out a shirtless Milo Ventimiglia. And the scene in This Is Us of his bare ass. If that doesn’t turn you on (to the show, I don’t know what you like in life), then I don’t know what will. Random flashes of firm butts and abs are enough to start watching what will likely be a long-running, Parenthood-style show that will never end. Anyway, did I mention his abs?

On Ellen, he was asked to strip down by guest host Miley Cyrus and get in a splash tank to raise money for Breast Cancer research. I’m all about a good cause, but it’s hard to care about anything when Ventimiglia strips down. If you aren’t a Miley fan by now, you should thank her for her contribution to American culture, because we all needed to see this. She was fantastic at talking him into it. “Totally worth it. Worth getting objectified,” she said. Sometimes it is worth objectifying a man for science. It was all for science!

Ventimiglia is single at the moment, so you’re free to gawk all you want. He is known for dating his co-stars, though. When he was on Gilmore Girls, he was with Alexis Bledel. When he was on Heroes, Hayden Panettiere. Mandy Moore, his co-star on This Is Us, just got divorced from Ryan Adams, so she could probably use a dose of Ventimiglia right now.

I mean, most everyone could probably use a little of that right now. Let’s just hope he can ditch that mustache soon, because it’s sort of ruining the entire picture.