Oregon bakery that refused to serve lesbian couple shuts down in sweet sweet karma

Karma is really a bitch, but sometimes it works in miraculous ways. The Oregon bakery that refused to sell a wedding cake to a lesbian couple has closed, according to a post on its Facebook page. There isn’t an official reason for the closing of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, but it’s safe to say it’s because they are bad at business and complete jerks. I mean, the first rule of business is to make money — so turning down any kind of customer is just stupid. When you throw bigotry into the mix, combined with some social media activism, that’s a sweet, sweet recipe for disaster. I’d like to think the owners, Aaron and Melissa Klein, have learned their lesson about the way America and discrimination works, but probably not. They probably blame the LGBTQ community or something similarly conspiratorial.

Either way, it’s fair for everyone to lean back and take a little pleasure in their failure. Hiram Sasser, the Kleins’ attorney from First Liberty Institute, a creepy AF organization that represents religious discrimination cases, said in a statement that the Kleins stopped production a few months ago but only just announced the closure this week. Who knows if its because they’re waiting to get the $135,000 fine the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (OBLI) ordered them to pay to Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer in 2015 to settle the discrimination suit. The fine is currently being held by OBLI since the Kleins, of course, have appealed the decision.

They should really just pay the fine and stop their whining. Because they were wrong and I can’t listen to all the BS about their “religious freedom” anymore. That’s not how it works.

Despite closing their business, the Kleins’ crowdfunding site is still open (because they are terrible). The Kleins raised  $110,000 on GoFundMe to fight the Bowman-Cryers in court before the page was shut down. They’ve also raised more than $350,000 on Continue To Give. If anyone wanted to, people could still donate to the Kleins. But don’t go over to that page, unless you want to scream. On it, you’ll see how the Kleins’ are actually the victims in some lunatics’ minds. The Patriotic Post, some bullshit website about “personal responsibility, self reliance, civil society, and limited government,” reported that the bakery is being forced to close by a “militant LGBTQ mob.” The “left-wing bigots and bullies finally got their pound of cake,” Patriotic Post “reporter” Todd Starness wrote.

It’s enough to make someone start to feel like pounding cake in a bigot’s face, for real. The real victims are Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer, who have also dealt with harassment and bullying, according to an interview with The Advocate last month. But they did the right thing by standing up, even if it made their lives miserable. There’s a reason why Oregon passed a massive anti-discrimination bill in the wake of the case — because in America, religious freedom means you can’t refuse service to someone just because of your own religious beliefs. (Unless, of course, you live in North Carolina.)

Good riddance, Sweet Cakes by Melissa.

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