Here’s a new ‘Gilmore Girls’ featurette designed to make you feel a lot of feelings

If you aren’t excited about Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, the four-part Netflix revival of the WB series, then you’re probably better off. Because there’s honestly little that’s more shameful than being a reportedly grown woman who still wants to watch two dew-faced speed freaks engage in a life-long role-play exercise where they pretend to be independent while two very rich old people who love them stand by waiting to bail them out. (Also, there’s Kelly Bishop, who is a living angel.) It’s not something any of us feels good about, not that that will stop us from watching the series and every pathetic scrap of previews Netflix feeds us in advance of the November premier of the revival.

But hey, you can blame gravity for my attachment to the show. Gilmore Girls premiered when I was at the exact age where I was aware enough of my life but still complete devoid of the confidence to decide how to feel about it on my own that I latched onto any piece of art that even vaguely resembled the parameters of my existence and used them as tools to contextualize my existence (you know, as one does, which is why we talk about the importance of representation in media. You can probably guess, for instance, how many single moms of color are depicted as lovable, endearing, quirky, empowered characters on TV, and how their daughters’ real-life counterparts might learn to feel about their lives. Just saying.)

Also, I have a lot in common with Rory: I too am a relatively boring, bookish, brunette white girl who was raised by a single mom who raised me on a strict diet of codependence masked as mother-daughter best friendship; I too have pretended to not have crushes on my female frienemies while dating a bunch of dudes who are so beneath me as to render them inherently incapable of fulfilling or stimulating me in any measure to any sustainable degree. So this show is like the BPA-free version of my adolescence and I’ll never tire of escaping into it.

Oy poodles, here’s the newest video from the Gilmore Girls feelings factory. It’s not that interesting but I know you guys will watch it anyway, just like I did.