The best vice presidential debate tweets that actually made it bearable

It’s an established fact that for every single national debate which the public is forced to collectively cringe through, Twitter is the place to be. On Tuesday night, as vice presidential candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence debated while CBS News’ Elaine Quijano moderated, the best tweets about the vice presidential debate reveal Twitter users were ready to make fun of everyone involved.

Kaine and Pence, best known for being the most ordinary of midwestern suburban white dads, offered at times surprisingly dynamic performances as they traded blows on each other’s records and stances on the issues, and Twitter users did not hesitate to add their own savagery to the mix.

All in all, it was an important evening for both campaigns and for Americans everywhere who either, for whatever reason, are still on the fence about which ticket to support, and Americans who have, understandably, never taken much time to get to know either vice presidential candidate yet. For all who have previously written off Kaine as Hillary Clinton’s boring, irrelevant compromise with moderates and Republicans, Kaine showed another side of himself. And for all who believed Pence is the sane rock to Donald Trump’s crazed ocean of bigotry and misogyny, well, now you know.

Both candidates’ performances revealed plenty Tuesday night, but as usual, the tweets about their debate were just as telling.

Where’s the lie though?


Now I can’t stop picturing this. Great.

Probably more attractive than a dance-off also.

Happy Halloween

Mic drop

It’s all about word choice, sir

The debate in one photo

Overall, the debate was unbearably boring, but at least we had Twitter to keep us awake.