The best vice presidential debate memes were the only entertaining thing happening

Watching the debates is downright painful this year, since no one seems to know what the hell they’re doing on stage. The only way to make it through the night is to watch with the rest of America on Twitter and troll for some humor. It’s hard to not roast these two veep candidates. I mean, Tim Kaine was born to be a meme. But even if it’s all too easy to crack jokes about these two goons, the best vice presidential debate memes go above and beyond, really getting to the heart of how ridiculous everything about this election is.

Remember that once upon a time, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden debated each other. That was hard to watch (because Sarah Palin), but at least it seemed sort of harmless. Tuesday’s VP debate was straight up scary.

The only reassuring (if you want to try and be optimistic) thing about Mike Pence and Kaine is that they’re both running with two egomaniacs who will probably let them do nothing. Or we can at least hope they won’t have any say, because judging from some of the shit that came out of both of their mouths Tuesday night, no one wants Pence or Kaine to be in charge.

Here are some of the best memes of the night to distract you from the idea either one of these guys will eventually pass laws about your vagina.

The meme that sums up how we’re all coping with the debate

Well, technically we need multiple coping mechanisms.

TFW we are all reminded that this debate is actually an anime and Pence is a perfect villain.

But also, Kaine is the perfect lost sad dad character in this debate.

The combination of our collective need for booze pairs perfectly with all the VP debate fan-fictions we’re penning.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s just relieved he can go back to his partying days. 

When you actually attempt to listen to what they’re saying, you quickly realize it’s an abyss of sounds.

None of this is surprising given the debate preparation tactics.

Even Austin Powers is needed to mediate this debate.

The spirit of Beyonce is also aghast.

It was inevitable that Pence received this comparison.

Of course, Kaine got his own shout-outs.

Every good meme roundup deserves the beauty of Glozell.

This is the only correct response to Pence’s statements on racial bias.

That moment when we all realized the quick death of space is preferable.

Somehow, we will survive.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all just collectively dreaming this stuff up, Westworld-style? Until then, troll your racist uncle on Facebook with some of these. It’s only going to continue to get better (worse) so we might as well all get on board with this.