Sexy redhead calendar is the best way to keep track of what day it is

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up now and again, so if you’re into muscles and luscious locks, this sexy redhead calendar is probably what you need. Red Hot released a 2016 calendar and, finally, the 2017 installment is available for purchase. You should probably add it to your holiday gift lists now, or order it on Amazon before supplies run out, because you do not want to miss these beefy dudes.

There are two calendars this year: Red Hot II Art and Red Hot II Exposed. They run about £20 online, and they are worth every penny you have for shipping. The calendar is a project by photographer Thomas Knights and British designer Elliott James Frieze meant to help redhead people feel “comfortable in their own skin,” celebrate their bodies, and also raise money for charity (this year proceeds go to The Diana Awards, an anti-bullying initiative).

Basically, you can pretend your redhead fetish is a selfless act. On the website, Knights and Frieze try to explain why redheads are just so desirable: “It’s the combination that does it — our red hair, our white skin, that seasoning of freckles (pepper or cinnamon, savory or sweet) — it can produce such an overwhelming effect on the viewer that many of those unwittingly exposed to it simply never recover, and spend the rest of their lives in the helpless search for more.” Even if you think you’re not into gingers, one look at these pics might make you a believer.

red hot
CREDIT: Red Hot 100 Limited

Knights and Frieze add on the site, “A redhead should never take his or her clothes off without due care. We’re just too incendiary.”

Decide for yourself.

CREDIT: Red Hot 100 Limited

There’s something about a fiery beard.

CREDIT: Red Hot 100 Limited

Talk about beautiful people.

red hot 5
CREDIT: Red Hot 100 Limited

They’re all just that good. The team writes that they scoured the entire globe to find the best looking redheads they could for your viewing pleasure. “The photographs in this book all play with the stereotype of the redhead as being ‘other’. One look at all this ivory pallor against backgrounds of such Gothic darkness and you can’t help but be put in mind of the writings of Bram Stoker, of Edgar Allan Poe,” they write on the website. They add, “Gorgeous but deadly, these vampires vamp. But to play with or play up to a stereotype is the first step in possessing it, in making it your own; and once it’s yours, it’s yours to change.”

I mean, if breaking the stereotypes of redheads was the goal, they went above and beyond. And really, screw the locks — these people are just perfect specimens of humans.