Samira Wiley just got engaged, but not to us, because life isn’t fair (also THAT RING)

One of the cutest couples on planet Earth is tying the knot, considering Samira Wiley seemed to announce her engagement to Lauren Morelli on Twitter Tuesday afternoon. The two constantly post photos together, but this one had another important actor — a giant diamond ring. Wiley posted the photo with the caption, “I’ll do anything with this one.” I definitely hear wedding bells.

The Orange is the New Black actress and writer started dating in 2014, making their official debut at the 2014 Emmy Awards, holding hands and dancing together at afterparties.

Morelli divorced her husband after writing for the show’s characters Alex and Piper helped her realize she’s gay. “I was nervous about the first love scene I’d written for Alex and Piper,” Morelli wrote in an op-ed for Mic. “I’d loved writing it, loved watching a tenderness emerge in their relationship where passion always seemed to be the ruling principle, but by that time, I was so deep in my own self-doubt that I constantly felt like a fraud. I was sure it was bleeding into my writing. How could it not? I was married to a man, but I wasn’t straight.”

This is hands down going to be the cutest wedding of all time. I’ll be awaiting my invitation.