Is Hillary Clinton at the vice presidential debate? Tim Kaine could really use her support

After slaying the first presidential debate last week (at the very least, in comparison with Republican nominee Donald Trump), Hillary Clinton has made it clear she supports her running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, at his turn at debating Tuesday night, via Twitter. But is Clinton actually at the vice presidential debate?

Prior to the debate, Clinton and her campaign did not announce any plans to attend the event hosted at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, and despite her vocal Twitter presence, it looks like the Democratic nominee couldn’t make it Tuesday night. That being said, Trump wasn’t there to cheerlead his own vice presidential pick, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, either.

Following the first presidential debate, CNN polling found that 62 percent of voters who watched thought Clinton had won, while just 27 percent thought Trump did. This staggering 35 percent difference ranked among the highest disparity in history, FiveThirtyEight noted, and gave Clinton a substantial boost in polling afterward. Polling has yet to reveal who Americans think won the vice presidential debate, and how public opinion of the vice presidential debate is likely to affect Clinton and Trump’s numbers.

Kaine and Pence reportedly prepared for the evening relatively similarly, each practicing with mock stand-ins for their opponent.

Kaine duked it out with Robert Barnett, a high-profile Washington lawyer, standing in as Pence. Meanwhile, Pence had mock debates with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Both seemed particularly prepared to discuss foreign policy and tensions in the Middle East.