Is Donald Trump at the vice presidential debate? He live tweeted the whole affair

The vice presidential debate kicked off Tuesday night — the one and only chance America has to hear Tim Kaine and Mike Pence debate one another live on stage. Because both men are only half of a dynamic duo, many people wondered: Is Donald Trump at the vice presidential debate? The Republican presidential nominee certainly wanted to watch his veep pick battle his rival, but chose to do so in private, while live tweeting the whole affair in true Trump style.

It would certainly be entertaining to watch Trump watch the debate from the front row, as he’d surely carry all his emotions on his face and in his eyebrows. However, he would probably have a hard time keeping quiet, which the moderator would not appreciate, so maybe it’s for the best he stayed home. Of course, his tweets were just as loud over the internet, and he didn’t even wait for the first question to be asked of Kaine and Pence before starting his rant.

Although Hillary Clinton’s whereabouts were more vague and her campaign team handles much more of her tweets than Trump’s, she likely wasn’t at the debate venue in Virginia either. The night’s about the VP picks, after all.

Check out his live tweeting of the event (if you want to give yourself a migraine, that is).