Rudy Giuliani calls Trump a “genius” for not paying his taxes like all the other idiots

Over the weekend, The New York Times printed copies of a few pages from Republican nominee Donald Trump’s 1995 tax returns. The docs show that Trump had a huge loss of $916 million and used that failure to work the tax system. According to experts, it’s almost impossible to know whether or not Trump paid taxes for about 18 years. Supporters and surrogates like Rudy Guiliani say Trump is a “genius” for not paying taxes. This is an echo of a statement that Trump made during the debate when Hillary Clinton mentioned his tax returns. Trump said, on a national stage, that it was “smart” and good business to avoid paying The Man. Trump is many, many things, but genius isn’t exactly the first adjective I would use to describe him.

But what do I know? I’m just a freelance writer who pays my taxes. Seriously, what a stupid move. We should all learn from all of the other “genius” things Trump has done during the course of this campaign season. I mean, he also thinks climate change isn’t real, that he can convince Mexico to pay for a border wall, and could defeat ISIS with one phone call. What does it matter that Trump barely speaks in complete sentences most of the time and says things like “this is why we’re having ISIS right now” when he speaks to foreign policy. I don’t know what “having ISIS” means, but I can’t expect my non-genius brain to grasp all the luster of Trump’s many, many, tangible policies for the country.

Apparently, geniuses don’t have to take basic civics classes to learn how government works. You see, taxes are used to pay for things in America.

Taxes are used to build roads and bridges.

Taxes pay for border security.

Taxes are also used to support and honor the military and their families.

Taxes are used to pay teachers, feed students, and host after-school daycare programs.

Taxes pay for everything — which is why American voters are allowed to get angry when their tax money goes to things they don’t support, like say, federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Obviously, if everyone were as much of a genius as Trump and used the (legal) loopholes and tax code to find a way to not pay one tiny, shiny penny to the American government, there would be nothing in the coffers to make America great again.

I would say Trump could float the bill for all the stuff taxes pay for since he claims he’s a billionaire, but the main reason he didn’t pay any taxes is because he took huge business losses — in the booming mid-’90s economy no less — and worked it in his favor. On one hand, he made lemonade with all of his lemon businesses. On the other, Trump claims he knows how to run a successful business and would manage America like his ventures, but they failed. And, I’m no genius, but that sounds like the opposite of making something great. Then again, what does this silly taxpayer know?