Egyptian lawmaker wants women to prove their virginity before attending college

Just in case you thought Donald Trump was the worst thing that could happen to women, I present Elhamy Agina, an Egyptian lawmaker who wants to make sure all Egyptian women pass a “virginity test” to attend college. Because you know, the female brain doesn’t function after it’s been submitted to sexual intercourse. Agina told Egyptian Streets, “Any girl who enters university, we have to check her medical examination to prove that she is a Miss.” In this context, according to The Washington Post, “Miss” is a word for virgin. Agina added, “Each girl must present an official document upon being admitted to university stating she’s a Miss,” and that no one should be “upset” by the decision.

No, no — if you’re upset by the decision, it just means you’re scared your daughter is a dirty whore. OK, he didn’t say “dirty whore,” but that was pretty much the gist of the matter. If a woman failed the test, her family would be notified immediately. Agina also suggested that he personally review the results of the virginity tests.

Agina does have a reason for his suggested new requirement for a woman to be educated. I mean, it’s just as stupid as the rest of the plan, but at least he has a reason, I guess.

The virginity tests would, according to his logic, reduce the number of Urfi marriages, which aren’t traditional marriages that are officially registered with authorities but performed by a cleric and require just two witnesses. Since sex is forbidden before a traditional marriage, Urfi marriages are a way for more modern couples to avoid stigma. But Agina isn’t about that life.

Of course, in conservative Egyptian culture, it doesn’t take two to tango. It’s all the woman’s fault if she brings shame to her family by getting busy with her man before marriage. Agina believes that men are too “sexually weak” to resist women and are becoming impotent in their effort to satisfy them. To combat this weakness and the increasing number of Urfi marriages, he suggested that women be genitally mutilated to reduce their insatiable sexual urges that make men go impotent. He says the proof of this is the large amount of Viagra and other drugs that are imported into the country. Right.

Funny that he’s concerned about uncontrollable urges, since Agina seems to let the urge to be an asshole get the best of him all the time. Last week, he said 200 refugees who died on a boat “deserve no sympathy” in their illegal pursuit for an “unguaranteed fantasy.” This guy is totally out of his mind. He’s also on the Egyptian Parliament’s human rights committee, which should be a joke, but it’s not. Agina was referred to the ethics committee for his remarks on genital mutilation, but hasn’t been disciplined, yet.

Luckily, his referral to the ethics committee means that some members of Parliament aren’t totally deranged and are shocked by the dangerous, backwards things he is suggesting women should face. Thank god he doesn’t run the country alone, but he’s close enough to real power that women everywhere should keep their eyes on him.