This Facebook employee’s job is to destroy memories and you can see the despair in his eyes

On Friday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted several “rare photos” to his website, giving the world a glimpse into the advanced technology the social media company uses. Some of the photos featured employees posing with the hardware they work with everyday, revealing at least one Facebook employee is tasked with destroying storage drives, aka all your precious memories. The toll this depressing job has likely taken on the poor server technician is evident as he stands holding an armful of drives he’s about to send to their death in a metal crusher behind him.

Zuckerberg identified the man as Christer Jonsson, writing in the caption of a photo of destroyed drives, “Old and obsolete hard drives are crunched, forever protecting privacy. Christer Jonsson is in charge of this important task. ‘I must be very careful,’ he says.” While all the photos of your awkward middle school goth phase, high school graduation, and endless drunk selfies remain on your Facebook page, the drives are destroyed to ensure your data doesn’t end up in someone else’s hands.

The photo of Jonsson is captioned with a quote from him saying, “It is important for people to know that nothing leaves the site and their data is safe. The old drives are destroyed.”

CREDIT: Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook

He sounds real enthused to be crunching the life out of a lifetime of memories from around the world.

Literally crushing people’s hopes, dreams, and memories every single day must take an emotional toll on a person. Which is why no emotion is evident in his blank stare.