Joe Biden getting “angry” about Trump on ‘The Tonight Show’ proves the teddy bear can’t actually get mad

The vice president and America’s favorite ice cream connoisseur visited the The Tonight Show Thursday night to talk to Jimmy Fallon about sexual assault, a memo he sent to his staff ordering them to take time off for family obligations, and, of course, the election. Like President Obama, the nation’s #2 man in charge doesn’t want to see Donald Trump take over the White House, but talking about the ill-prepared blob running for president proved Biden isn’t capable of actually getting angry. Even when he said the subject makes him mad, he still looked like the jovial grandpa we all know and love.

Fallon wanted to get Biden’s take on the first presidential debate, and said, “We should talk about the debate. Did you watch it?” The Catholic vice president just laughed, did the sign of the cross, and said, “Bless me father, for I’m about to sin,” indicating that he was about to harshly criticize Trump. However, he disappointingly kept it all very G-rated.

“I’ve never seen anybody who knew as few facts” was the worst thing Biden had to say about Trump’s debate performance, even going on to say it’s difficult to say the perfect thing when that many eyes and cameras are on you.

C’mon, Joe. You prepared us for some serious burns and then kept it all too civil. Trump manages to evoke violent reactions from even the most even-tempered people.

He criticized Trump a bit more later on for bragging about rooting for the housing crisis and not paying taxes, asking: “Can you think of any president — any president you’ve studied, read about, or knew — who would say anything like that? Name me one president who would do that. It angers me, quite frankly,” Biden said, showing only the smallest glimmer of actual anger. But he even prefaced that wannabe bashing with, “He’s probably a decent guy.” Or, you know, maybe he’s not at all.

Explaining that his dad used to say paying taxes is a small price to pay to live in America, Biden quipped, “Just pay your fair share for god’s sake,” only sounding sightly perturbed.

It’s official — the sweet-tempered VP isn’t able to get angry beyond the first level of “oh this isn’t great.” He just can’t bring himself to say anything remotely mean about anyone, including The Donald.

There are certainly worse qualities, but I would love to see Biden truly go off on someone.