You can now get coffee in a cone, because dessert is the best meal of the day any way

There’s nothing like a fancy cup of coffee to go with a delicious dessert. But, is there a way to combine a sweet treat and coffee into one? The answer is yes – after all, people can make anything possible in the name of the ‘Gram. Meet Coffee in a Cone, the “world’s most Instagrammable coffee” and the latest obsession for coffee fiends. Coffee in a Cone was created by Dayne Levinrad of The Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa and is a cup of coffee in a chocolate-lined waffle shell. Levinrad traveled the world as a coffee consultant and decided to do something innovative when he returned to his native Johannesburg. He knew the market for coffee was competitive and that people love coffee, chocolate, and ice cream, so he came up with a plan to serve all three at one time.

The marketing genius knew the key to success was grabbing the attention of social media, especially Instagram (the home of pretty, yummy food), so he created the hashtag #coffeeinacone and encouraged patrons to take a picture of their Coffee in a Cone for the world could see. The Instagram initiative was launched back in January, and even J.Lo herself took a snapshot of the cool creation.

While Coffee in a Cone is becoming the latest internet food craze, the product was not an easy feat. Imagine what would happen if you took a steaming pot of joe and tried to pour it into your average waffle cone with a chocolate lining. Yikes. Levinrad tried to work around this challenge by buying a machine to make his own wafer cones. But, he was still met with hot coffee leaks worthy of a nice lawsuit. So, he finally found the perfect blend of four chocolates that were hard enough to hold coffee. Drinkers have 10 minutes to drink their coffee before the chocolate layers melt. Challenge accepted.

Coffee in a Cone is not the first time an unconventional food has found success on Instagram. Sushirritos became a thing a couple years ago when photos of mutant sushi rolls began popping up on the photo-sharing app. The sushi burrito took our love for sushi and, as America loves to do, super-sized it for no reason, because who gives a damn about portion control. And, before the sushirrito, there was the ramen burger. Pictures of a burger with ramen noodles for a bun popped up online and had New Yorkers in a frenzy to get a bite. Now, with Coffee in a Cone, our drinks are beginning to get as creative as our food, and no one seems disappointed.

Levinrad has patented his concept and hopes to share it with the world. Bring it on, Coffee in a Cone – we are ready to inhale you during our morning commute to work.