What caused the New Jersey train crash? More than 100 people were injured

Thursday morning, a commuter train crashed in a Hoboken, New Jersey station, killing at least one person and injuring more than 100. Although exactly what caused the New Jersey train crash can’t be known right away, a senior transportation official told The New York Times there were structural concerns. “The train was going very fast. There are structural concerns about the facility,” the unnamed official said.

Update: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said all passengers trapped in the train were removed and taken to nearby hospitals. The person killed was standing on the platform, and Governor Christie confirmed 108 people were injured.

The train ran right into the platform in the station, though the details of why are unclear. The Regional Medical Examiner’s Office in Newark and the Jersey City Medical Center confirmed the fatality Thursday morning, and some of those injured are in serious condition. The National Transportation Safety Board has already started an investigation into what caused the major crash.

Photos posted to social media showed extreme damage to the station, which has about 50,000 people passing through it every day. Witnesses described the front car of the train running completely off the tracks, hitting the building, and causing the roof to partially collapse. “There were wires down, water pouring from the ceiling, the roof had collapsed, and there was people climbing out of windows of the train,” Ben Fairclough, who was trying to transfer at the station at the time, told The New York Times.

People were believed to be trapped in the first train car, though how many were potentially trapped was unknown. The engineer was removed from the train unresponsive, according to CNN.

Service was suspended in and out of the station Thursday, and buses and ferries were accepting metro cards to board.

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