This Taiwanese woman eating a pork bun in the middle of a typhoon is doing life right

Let’s be honest — eating is better than most things in life. And you shouldn’t let a little thing like a natural disaster stop you from chowing down on some delicious food. That’s why the Taiwanese woman photographed eating a pork bun in the middle of Typhoon Megi is doing life right.

In its coverage of the disaster, The Wall Street Journal published the Associated Press photo showing a woman walking through the rain and high winds holding a broken umbrella in one hand and a half-eaten pork bun in the other. The look on her face says, “This weather’s a motherfucker, so I’m just going to keep eating my lunch before it gets all wet and gross.” The pic was actually captioned: “A woman eats and struggles with her umbrella against powerful gusts of wind generated by typhoon Megi across the the island in Taipei, Taiwan, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016.”

The typhoon hit Taiwan Tuesday, killing at least four and injuring about 600. It moved to mainland China Wednesday, killing one person. Obviously the storm itself is tragic, but eating is essential to survival, and this woman was just doing her best, munching on a pork bun in the middle of the storm like a truly brave soul.

Just look at that face. Nothing’s going to take that delicious pork bun out of her hand.

“Welp, my umbrella’s shot, so might as well keep on eating.” This woman is my new role model.

If you’re ever in a situation where you’re unsure if it’s appropriate to eat, just go for it. Everyone needs food, and it will definitely make you happier than whatever you’re considering putting it off for.