Pro tip: Only be friends with people who will switch pants with you when needed

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation when you need a change of pants, no questions asked, and a true friend will offer up their own. Andrew Nguyen, an 18-year-old student at the University of Texas at Arlington, switched pants with his friend so she could take a quiz. Danielle Le had a lab quiz and had to wear long pants to meet the lab safety requirements, but she couldn’t find anyone with an extra pair. That’s when friend extraordinaire Nguyen came to the rescue.

Le was wearing short athletic shorts, which Nguyen reluctantly wore and took a selfie in, letting the world know he doesn’t mind being slightly uncomfortable for his pals. He hung out in the bathroom for 50 minutes while she took the quiz, not wanting to venture out into the world with her shorts on. He obviously wasn’t too embarrassed about it since he posted the selfie to Twitter, though.

“Basically, we were in the library and she was studying really hard for this exam and I was just doing my other homework,” he explained to Buzzfeed. “A lot of the labs have dress code for safety conduct, which is understandable to an extent. They literally make you wear pants and closed toe shoes to even get in the class.”

The Twitterverse was impressed by his selflessness and deemed him the Ultimate Best Friend, which is pretty accurate. “I thought if I’m doing a good deed for my friend I may as well get a few laughs out of it and than bam, it blew up,” he told Buzzfeed.

You’re a true hero, Nguyen. Please be all our friends.