Kim Kardashian’s security guard has a Twitter account and it’s beefily hilarious

If you are going to be a part of Kim Kardashian’s world, then you have to have a social media account. After Kardashian’s scary encounter with a celebrity pranking creep trying to kiss her ass (literally), she gave a Twitter shout-out to her security guard and mentioned him on Twitter. Yes, Kim Kardashian’s security guard has a Twitter page, and his tweets are golden. His page has been around for a while (since October 2012), but Kardashian’s recent tweet has introduced more people to Pascal Duvier’s Twitter profile.

As expected, the German security guard is a pretty serious dude who knows how to put a verbal smack down as well as throw a celeb-obsessed stalker to the ground. When he isn’t retweeting news from the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs or posting the occasional picture of himself doing his duty as Yeezus performs on tour, he is giving straightforward answers to questions in his mentions. Sometimes, they are just normal answers, and other times, they are “don’t be an idiot” responses to stupid tweets. And no, he cannot get you a ticket to a Kanye show or give Kim your special message, so don’t even bother asking him.

Don’t worry, Duvier isn’t always super serious. Sometimes, he shows a little sense of humor. But he’s probably looking scary as shit while he types emojis.

Before he was a top celebrity security guard, he was trained in judo and served in the German army. Although he has worked for Fergie, Ciara, and other celebrities, he has been with the Kardashian-West clan for a while, and it looks like he is being treated well by the famous family.

While his Twitter page is filled with wit and great insults, Instagram seems to be the place where Duvier seems more like a normal person – a really big, strong as hell, normal person. Yeah, he posts pictures of his world travels and unbelievable videos of him doing superhuman things, like splitting apples with his bare hands, but he also posts pictures of his daughters, because he’s a proud dad.

Who knew Kim Kardashian’s bodyguard could bring us equal amounts of joy and fear in the Twitterverse?