Trump’s advisers don’t want to be blamed for his lack of debate prep — that’s all on him

After Monday night’s first presidential debate, Donald Trump was immediately criticized for his lack of preparation, which was very obvious next to Hillary Overly-Prepared Clinton. Leading up to the debate, it was widely reported that he was just going to wing it, while she had been studying his techniques for months and took time off campaigning to practice. Well, in the aftermath of his loss, Trump’s advisers are claiming his lack of preparation is all his fault, so stop blaming them already — they tried.

The New York Times reports the billionaire-turned-politician couldn’t be convinced to practice in a mock debate like all candidates (and even high school debate teams) normally do. According to anonymous sources close to the campaign, Roger Ailes, the former Fox News CEO now advising Trump, tried to plan practice debates early on, but the candidate found it “hard to focus.” Ugh, running for president is so hard.

Following his terrible performance at the debate, his advisers are somewhat throwing him under the bus, making it known the blundering was all his fault. They’re clearly trying to wake him up to the reality that he does, in fact, need to prepare for the next two debates if he actually wants to win.

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Face Off In First Presidential Debate At Hofstra University
CREDIT: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

One campaign aide told The New York Times Trump was also walked through certain mannerisms of Clinton’s that usually indicate she’s uncomfortable (which would certainly come in handy in a high-pressure debate), but he “didn’t seem to pay attention.”

How could Trump put in the time and work necessary to run the country, which includes a lot of detailed reading and decision-making, if he can’t focus long enough to prepare for a single debate? His advisers may have been trying to wake him up to the reality of the situation, but they also just made him look even worse than he already did by disclosing that he can’t focus or pay attention for very long. Nonetheless, they want America to know they aren’t to be blamed.

One of Clinton’s best lines of the debate came when she fired back at Trump’s lack of preparation, saying, “You criticize me for preparing for this debate. And, yes, I did. Do you know what else I prepared for? I also prepared to be president.”

Trump’s aides did confirm that he’ll be at the next two debates, despite Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a top Trump surrogate, suggesting he might not show up after he lost to Clinton Monday. Maybe get Trump some Adderall for his debate prep meetings this time.