This video proves ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and ‘High School Musical’ are exactly the same

The generation that was raised on Disney’s High School Musical movies is honestly probably the same generation that indulges in the guilty pleasure Fifty Shades series. And while some might imagine how much their tastes have changed, they actually haven’t: looking back, High School Musical and Fifty Shades are the same thing, like, no joke.

Embedded below is a video that proves it, featuring footage from all three HSM movies perfectly set against Fifty Shades of Grey’s trailer music, with quotes and dialogues from the HSM movies inserted into the mashup “trailer” in all the right places. But before watching it, seriously, just think about the series’ stark similarities: Christian Grey is a billionaire who pretty much owns the world; Troy Bolton is a basketball star who pretty much owns his high school. Anastasia Steele is the prodigal good girl; Gabriella Montez is the prodigal good girl. Steele’s best friend Kate distrusts Grey; Montez’s best friend, Taylor McKessie, literally plots to oust Troy and Gabriella’s relationship in the first movie.

And, of course, where Christian Grey is, not to mince words, a terrifying, sociopathic stalker, may I remind you of that scene in the first HSM in which Troy just appears on Gabriella’s balcony while they’re on the phone? In case you’ve somehow forgotten that scene, which, don’t even lie, made your adolescent self watching back in ’05 at least a little uncomfortable, fear not because it’s obviously featured in the fan-made trailer below.

One last similarity between the two series that we’ve forgotten: Fifty Shades is all about trying new things, as Steele challenges herself to enter the world of BDSM, and Grey eventually challenges himself to try pursuing a “vanilla” relationship with her. As for Troy and Gabriella — they literally met singing “The Start of Something New,” and the whole first movie is about their fear, guilt, and shame as they begin pursuing amateur singing careers together.

So, there you have it: High School Musical is the same exact thing as Fifty Shades of Grey. You will never look at the acronym “HSM” without seeing BDSM ever again, and your childhood has officially been ruined. Sorry, not sorry.