Romance fanfiction about Rihanna and the French president is now a thing that exists

It started with a tweet, but it quickly became so much more. At least that’s the premise of this romantic fanfiction about Rihanna and French President François Hollande. Yep, you read that right. “Rihancois” is a thing on the internet now.

The down right unbelievable situation kicked off when Rihanna tweeted Hollande asking him to respond to her letter about the UNICEF initiative Education Cannot Wait, which aims to improve educational access for children in crisis-affected countries. “Did you see my letter?” she wrote. “Waiting on your answer! We need your leadership on #EducationCannotWait.” Hollande responded quickly and politely, which is the proper protocol when Rihanna @s you on Twitter. His tweet, translated from French, said: “Dear Rihanna, thanks for your commitment. You will receive my detailed response. In fact, education is the top priority.”

As far as Twitter convos between famous people about global policy go, this was pretty standard. But Théa, a 15-year-old girl living in French-speaking Gabon, took it to a whole new level. She responded to the news by tweeting, “Fanfiction to come very soon!,” along with a moody Rihanna/Hollande graphic reading, “Rihancois, a forbidden love. Between betrayals and secrets, can their love survive?”

And oh boy, did Théa deliver. There are already several chapters of the Rihancois fanfic posted as screenshots on her Twitter account. Although the story is written in French, Buzzfeed News has provided a helpful translation of the first paragraph:

Francois sighed and closed his computer with sadness. This was already several months that Rihanna was paying more attention to him and when he saw that she had mentioned him on Twitter, his heart jumped with joy. But this moment of euphoria was very short when he realized that it was only to tell him about this stupid project he had promised to participate in. But what to expect? A declaration of love?”

Also, Drake and Kendrick Lamar are supporting characters in the story, because this is the world we live in now.

On one hand, this fanfiction seems relatively harmless. Who among us has never written ridiculous fanfiction in childhood? In this day and age, however, a woman should be able to approach a man about global education initiatives without people thinking they’re going to make out. Plus, Rihanna can do way better than a president whose government is incredibly shitty to Muslim women, who in France (and the rest of the world) are predominantly women of color. Then again, maybe Hollande’s love for Rihanna will lead him to see the light, or maybe she’ll realize that his government is super racist and shut him down. We can only hope.